“Joel, we care about you and your Facebook memories.”

Screw off with that. For some time, I’ve been annoyed by all the crap on Facebook. When even its algorithms became smug, pretentious douchebags, I decided I’d had enough. Most of the more popular things to hate about Facebook, I don’t hate. Exercise bragging, pictures of dinner, libertarian memes, pictures of dinner, people commenting on two-year old posts, even people posting pictures of dinner- none of that really bugged me.  Facebook, itself, and the major operators behind it did quite alot, though.

I created my facebook profile, I think, in 2008 back when Myspace was still somewhat popular.  Facebook was instantly a far better vehicle for connecting with family and old friends.

There was little, if any, advertising.  But, as many profit generating entities do upon achieving ubiquity, facebook has become an advertising and lobbying behemoth- fraught with everything to be hated about those things. Worst of all, however, is the smarmy, pretentious way of presenting itself as a caring entity- so typical of people with the political persuasions of those who run facebook.  “We care about you.”  Wink wink cha-ching!

So there it is and here am I.  And if you’re visiting this blog, you’ve most likely, somehow, found in me some socially redeeming value worth having followed me on facebook… somehow.

I’ll be on here talking about pretty much anything.  My diet, my wife, my kids, my job, my faith, whatever video game I’m currently spending too much time at, things of a political nature that vex me, my aspirations as an urban homesteader, science experiments I’m conducting (usually connected to urban homesteading).

I’m writing this by mobile, so I’m not sure what all can be done with WordPress.  But if I can’t post links and videos or target you guys with advertising, I’ll probably move this blog to a different provider or domain.