Being 40 is expensive. Knowing how to do things is less expensive. Unexpected expenses are mostly expensive.

I knew some dreadful occurence would mark the dubious epoch of hitting 40.  Turns out, it was the neccessity of bifocal lenses.  They’ve added $222  to the cost of my ridiculously thick lenses.  Add to that the further neccessity of new frames that don’t make me look like Harry Potter or some douchey hipster, and in the course of a year, my $400 glasses become almost $900.  Thankfully, my vision insurance takes almost $150 off (which pays for itself and a bit more) and we have an FSA (now depleted) so we’re not out an awful lot of cash.  The bright side is that my new opthamologist assuaged my dread of being blind within the decade and informed that corneal crosslinking has been just recently approved by the otherwise unemployable bureaucrats at the FDA and is most likely covered by my insurance policy.

Last week, the kitchen faucet stopped running properly.  After some pondering, I decided there was some occlusion or other in the faucet itself. $40 later and some minor swearing at lime caked fittings, we have a new faucet that works marvellously. We saved probably $200 – $300 by not hiring a plumber.

And then, the AC went out.  I called the guy I’ve been using for about 15 years and for $150, our AC is blowing again.  Sitting in this heat with this humidity would’ve put me in a pretty insufferable mood by now.

Last, we canned 6 quarts of sauce from the tomatoes Momma gave us from their garden.

You have to look on the bright side of things.  Dropping the better part of $1000 dollars on unexpected expenses in less than a week versus not going blind, a successful DIY project, 6 quarts of tomato sauce, a gorgeous, loving wife, and beautiful, happy children.  Oh yeah, and salvation.  That’s pretty cool too.

It was a good week.


3 thoughts on “Being 40 is expensive. Knowing how to do things is less expensive. Unexpected expenses are mostly expensive.

  1. I’m so glad things are looking up with your eyes! I’m also glad that you have finally written again. It’s about time!

    I’m always so thankful when something mechanical or plumbing wise goes wrong and can be fixed by Brad- it saves soooo much money! He joined the volunteer fire dept here in kenora too, did you know that?

    You and the family sure need to come visit up here- it’s so beautiful!! Summer is perfect, it’s finally swimming weather!!

    I wish I knew how to can. I’m sure I can learn- though the thought of dealing with so much boiling water really scares me. I’ll just have to conquer that fear! How long have you been canning?

    Well, I’ll let you go 😊


    • Modern pressure canners are very safe. They have pop-offs for overpressures and safety features that prevent them from being opened before it’s safe to do so. Most of them made today also have pressure gauges instead of just the weights like your Grandma has. I’ve been canning for about three years now.


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