First canning of greens for the season.

“I wonder if you can eat radish greens…”  Turns out you can.  They’re a bit peppery like mustard greens, which I adore fried up with garlic and bacon.

Momma only ever boiled the heck out of greens and maybe added a bit of vinegar.  If you’ve never had bacon-fried greens, you’re missing out.
It was recommended I plant radishes in with the summer squash as (supposedly) squash vine borers go after radishes first.  I lost most of the summer squash two years ago and all the pumpkins last year to these little Takeru Kobayashis of the garden… and I was more vengeful over those pumpkins than I think I’ve ever been over anything.  I took a pocket knife and very meticulously avenged my pumpkin patch while simultaneously ingratiating myself to the local robin population.

Anyway, this year, I sewed daikons all around the squash.  They put out a crazy amount of green leaves- way more than red radishes.  After having learned that beet greens are edible, I’ve made sure to read up on all manner of root crop and haven’t been disappointed.

mmm… green…

The daikons haven’t been touched by any bugs as far as I can tell. So it looks like we’ll have plenty of daikon greens (canned 11 pints tonight) and pickled daikon with carrots and onion.
I bought a fermenting crock last year and have made several batches of sauerkraut and kimchi-style spicy cabbage.  I’m going for broke this year on natural pickling via lacto-fermentation.  Can’t wait to see how the radish/carrot/onion turns out.


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